My IP Is Banned. What Can I Do About It?

IP ban is one of the most infuriating things that website or game server owners use to repel certain users. We all had that situation where we accidentally swore during a game of CSGO or on a particular forum, and poof – we’re banned. Why is IP ban so effective? Because it’s a block setup used for rejecting requests from a particular IP address. Such a ban prevents you from gaining access to a certain website, email, game server, or forum. 

What Can You Do About Your IP Ban?

There’s one thing that you can do about your IP ban that will have zero effect on it – sit down and cry. But, don’t stress yourself. Here are a few methods that will help you alleviate this problem in a matter of minutes.

Use a VPN

Hide and Change IP with CyberGhost

The most obvious solution, isn’t it? A VPN is a very simple tool to change your IP address in the glimpse of an eye. If you’re willing to pay a small monthly fee, it can help you hide your IP address, thus preventing this problem from appearing.

It may sound like something from a sci-fi movie but a VPN is 100% effective. A VPN works by hiding your IP address from the government, websites, and advertisers, allowing you to surf the internet in privacy.

Thanks to thousands of servers across the globe, many VPN providers offer stable connections with unlimited bandwidth.

There are some very affordable VPN providers, as you can see here. For just a couple of bucks a month, you get military-grade encryption and unrelenting protection.

Use Tor Server

When we mention Tor, is the deep web on your mind? If so, we don’t blame you. Tor is mainly popular because of its purpose to access .onion websites that aren’t accessible by Google Chrome or Mozilla.

But, why is Tor better than Chrome or Mozilla? Because it hides your IP and location, meaning that the aforementioned company can’t track your activity.

Tor browser

Tor works by directing your Internet traffic through free networks that exist worldwide. It’s said that there are more than 6,000 relays for hiding IP and the location of the users. This means that Tor is an excellent software for keeping your anonymity and privacy intact, allowing you to browse all kinds of websites.

Beware that Tor is often used for illegal purposes, such as accessing sensitive or censored information. We do NOT advocate using Tor for these purposes!

Use a Proxy Server

Good old proxy, our best friend from primary school. Most of us remember those “bad” boys using a proxy to access blacklisted porn websites in the middle of the class to scare girls. And they thought it was funny… Jesus!

browse anonymously with proxy

A proxy server is an excellent thing for accessing a particular website in case of an IP ban.

It’s a computer that sits between your computer and the Internet, providing indirect access to the website. When the client (you) is connected to the proxy server, it acknowledges the client’s requests and provides data from either local cache memory or a specified server.

Simple, yet effective.

Internal & External IP Address

IP ban explanation

Not every IP address is the same, thus we have an internal and external IP address. The external IP address is what is seen by other computers on the Internet. All devices connected to your router will have the same external IP.

On the other side, the internal IP address is what is given to every device connected to your network. This address is hidden when you’re online and only your external IP is seen.

If you’ve encountered an IP ban, your external address will be banned, meaning that you can’t access the website from any device on your network.


So, what is the best method for removing and getting past an IP ban? If you want a short-term solution, it can be a proxy server. Every time you want to access a particular website, you’ll need to use a proxy.

On the other hand, if you buy a VPN, you’ll get a very good and permanent solution, as long as you pay your monthly or annual fee. And in this particular case, we advise you to choose ExpressVPN.

This provider is simply the best to get a new address and bypass any geo-restriction. In fact, you will have more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries at your disposal.

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