‘Five Eyes’ Wants Eyes on Encrypted Material

The intelligence alliance “Five Eyes” have announced they want technology firms to provide law enforcement officials with access to encrypted material. This includes data encrypted using a VPN. Therefore, the alliance gave a warning that people are at risk by failing to meet their requests.

The Five Eyes alliance is a group comprised of members from different countries. Countries include the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Senior ministers met in London for a two-day summit.

The group has had an agreement in place for decades. Five Eyes share intelligence along with techniques for gathering intelligence. However, the belief of the committee is that encryption comes at the expense of the safety of the public.

In the meantime, the Five Eyes intelligence alliance believes that some companies are designing systems precluding access to content in any form. Consequently, this includes instances in serious crimes.

The Five Eyes Want “A Backdoor”

Talking after the conference the alliance requested that technology companies ensure governments are able to gain access to data. Consequently, they want the data presented in a readable format.

Companies around the world rely on data encryption. This is to ensure confidential data remains away from prying eyes, spies, and hackers. However, governments in the west believe that encrypted data complicates investigations. Along with this, the prosecution of anyone believed to be involved in terrorism or child sex abuse.

Therefore, the Five Eyes alliance now wants technology companies to install “backdoors” into systems. However, technology companies replied that by doing so it would weaken the security the system offers.

Warrant-Proof Encryption

Recently the attorney general to U.S President Donald Trump, William Barr, spoke about “warrant-proof encryption”.

Barr stated that encryption was making it too easy for criminals to evade detection. However, he did go to say he understood that encryption presents a challenge.

Barr continued by saying that as encryption technology advances it is important not to just stand by. This allows the creation of spaces where criminal activity goes undetected.

Millions Use Encryption

While encryption covers up illegal activities, millions of people around the world, use it ethically for security.

A VPN service from a provider offers protection of personal information from hackers, for example. Virtual Network providers support numerous devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, computers and you can even use a VPN on your AppleTV.

Voluntary Principles Agreed

Meanwhile, the Home Office in the UK said that the technology industry had agreed to work alongside the Five Eyes on voluntary principles.

The principles involve steps for combatting child sex abuse. However, the main focus is on the ever-growing threat of live streaming. The drawing up of the voluntary principles will take place by September.

Encryption is Used Ethically

Many millions of individuals along with companies rely on encryption for safety and security.

A VPN aka Virtual Private Network can encrypt the personal information and data of a user. Therefore people use it as a means of boosting security. More so when browsing the internet. With encryption in place, the user’s personal information is unintelligible. However, decryption takes place when the information reaches its destination.

Therefore, millions around the world use a VPN ethically. A VPN used in this way ensures personal information does not get into the hands of hackers.

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Anyone can sign up with a VPN provider. There are many out there with some of the best including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost.

Providers such as this offer a range of apps for various devices. Alternatively, users can install a VPN on a router. This way they can take full advantage of all the benefits of a Virtual Private Network on any device that connects to the internet using the router.

Encryption does cover up illegal activities of course, but the vast majority of users install it for personal protection. The problem is therefore really complex.

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