How to Use ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tool? Is It Really Useful?

The use of VPNs has been rising as governments continue to impose censorship and ISPs geo-restrict content, not to mention the threat of hackers. ExpressVPN is one of the leading providers offering security protection and ways to overcome restrictions. However, how do you know that the provider is providing the protection promised? One way is to check for potential leaks from the app using a leak-testing tool but how do you use it and is it really useful?

Many people simply sign up with ExpressVPN, download an app, and use it for security and unblocking restricted websites without giving leaks any thought. However, others are more curious and want to find out for themselves whether the apps live up to the name and provide the security they should.

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The provider understands this. ExpressVPN has made it easy to check for leaks by providing the tools required to do so. By the way, it is currently first of our VPN comparison and ranking and for many good reasons.

How Leaks Affect Security and Privacy?

So, is it really useful to check for leaks? Do leaks pose a threat and if so, how big of a threat?

One of the main points of a VPN is to protect users from security risks, including hackers. The provider does this by offering apps to download that allows users to connect to a server to take on an alternate IP address and remain behind an encrypted tunnel.

Data sent over the internet with a virtual tunnel in place is impossible to read. It also stops users from being spied on by the ISPs around the world. Therefore, it comes in handy not just for adult websites but also for many other sites that might be restricted.

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However, if an app fails and leaks occur, full protection is lost, as some data goes outside of the encrypted tunnel.

What are ExpressVPN leak testing tools?

The Privacy Research Lab of the provider originally designed the suite of tools for automated and manual leak testing.

However, it was not long before the provider realized that they could also be utilized by users of the apps and released them as open-source.

The tools quickly became a way for users to independently verify the quality of the apps. Of course, at the same time, they are a way of assessing security risks.

3 Things Leak Testing Tools Tell You

This is where the leak testing tool comes in handy. So, what do the tools tell you?

  1. The tool can tell a user if their true IP address is at risk. If so, hackers or any other third-party could dig to find out the user’s identity.
  2. It can be used to find if leaks exposed any unencrypted data. This may happen if the app crashes or the server cannot be reached.
  3. Whether any data or browsing activity suffered exposure due to switching connections. This may occur when moving from a wired connection to WiFi.

How to Use the ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tool?

The leak testing tool is readily available for users to download here.

The download package does come with a handy “Readme” file on how to use the suite of tools, however, you can check out the overview below.

  1. Download the file using the link above. A single Python script launches the suite of tools. In the root directory of the tools run the command ./ -c configs/case_studies/ to begin the test.
  2. Each test makes a check for a certain leak type under certain conditions. For instance, network conditions and shows you whether it has passed failed, or whether there are any errors.
  3. The tests are generic for using on different VPN or network configurations. The configuration file is passed onto the test suite with it listing all tests to run, along with the configuration.

Setup of the tools

ExpressVPN leak testing tools

Below is an overview of the setup of the tools.

On Windows, macOS and Linux run the command directly on the devices. There is also support for mobile devices but this is indirect.

ExpressVPN highly recommends the use of Virtual Machines when undertaking single quick device tests. Of course, only physical hardware testing gives a more in-depth test.

A more thorough explanation of the setup and using the tests is available in the “Readme file”.

To Summarize

ExpressVPN offers a range of apps for various devices, with the apps running in the background unobtrusively. While you may wish to trust in the provider for offering security online via the apps, the leak tools are available if you wish to check for yourself and you are familiar with using Python.

The apps offer military-grade encryption to help keep your data safe from hackers and at the same time, it stops the ISP from spying on your online activities.

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Apps from the provider also offer a quick and easy way to mask your own IP address and take one on from one of the many thousands of servers around the world. By doing so, you can overcome geo-restrictions when visiting countries outside of your own.

To find out more about the many benefits of ExpressVPN you can read our full review here.

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