No Tricks – Just Enjoy a Treat on CyberGhost for Halloween

If you are considering signing up with a VPN provider, there is no better time. With Halloween being just around the corner, you might want to choose CyberGhost. This aptly named provider doesn’t do tricks. Instead, they are only offering treats for Halloween, by way of huge savings on their plans.

Yes, you can ghost your online presence and become anonymous while making huge savings when paying upfront for the year. You can keep horrors at bay, such as hackers from getting their hands on your personal details.

In addition, stop your ISP from spying on what you do online with a spooktacular deal.

Huge Savings With CyberGhost Halloween Treat

With the name CyberGhost, the provider could not let Halloween pass without offering a treat.

There is no trick. In fact, the provider offers a 45-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. Therefore, you cannot lose.

Right now, you can get a three-year plan for just $87.75. Yes, you read it right! You get 3-year protection with massive savings of 83% compared to the normal price.

CyberGhost Halloween Deal

Why Choose CyberGhost?

So, apart from getting your hands on huge savings with CyberGhost, what do you get from the VPN?

Avoid the horrors of hackers

It is scary when you think about hackers being able to steal your passwords, bank account details, and more. However, with CyberGhost, your fears are laid to rest thanks to an encrypted tunnel that protects your data.

The provider uses military-grade encryption along with DNS and IP leak protection to keep you safe and secure online. In addition, automatic Kill Switch and support for numerous security protocols are included in plans, which is more than enough to scare hackers away.

Ghost your presence online

Hide and Change IP with CyberGhost

CyberGhost has thousands of servers located worldwide, so you can literally ghost your online presence.

If you are a ghost, no one can find out where you are located thanks to a change of IP address. With a plan, you can choose an IP address thousands of miles from where you are actually located.

A change of IP address comes in useful if you want to bypass geo-restrictions and access or stream content from certain countries.

Support for a wide range of devices

CyberGhost for all devices

Apps are available for numerous devices so all the family can rest in peace knowing they have protection. One plan covers up to seven simultaneous connections.

Get your Halloween treat from CyberGhost now>

Finally, CyberGhost offers friendly customer support via email or chat. So, take time out from carving the pumpkin and get yourself a treat.

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