Does ExpressVPN Allow Me to Download Torrents in P2P ?

With so many torrent users being monitored closely than ever, the best way to remain anonymous, protect yourself from any legal issues and hide your IP address is through the use of VPN.

ExpressVPN’s strengths for torrenting

One of the best VPN for torrenting is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN allows P2P download including torrent on any of its servers; it offers some excellent features that include:

  • The speed with no bandwidth cap to limit your download speeds.
  • Extra security features like the kill switch which are vital for torrent users
  • Shared IP addresses
  • IPV6 leak protection
  • Option to use their DNS servers
  • User-friendly interface which can be configured easily.
  • Use of 256-bit encryption for data protection.
  • Tough to beat on privacy and security.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

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How to use ExpressVPN for torrenting

Using ExpressVPN for torrenting is quite easy. People who use the uTorrent software can find all instructions on how to configure the software to work well with ExpressVPN on its website.

However, the uTorrent software is less popular among so many torrent users due to the huge number of unwanted bloatware in its installer. A lot of torrent users prefer other alternatives like Transmission, Deluge or Taxati.

To connect any of these to ExpressVPN, you need to open the ExpressVPN software and connect the server before opening your torrent client. This is to ensure that you do not send torrent data to a network which isn’t secure before connecting to your VPN.

Furthermore, remember that you can connect your ExpressVPN to any server and use for P2P downloads. However, it is advisable to choose servers that are close to your location if you want to get the best speed while torrenting.

Once connected to the server, your IP will be automatically hidden from other torrent users while all data sent over the internet will be encrypted.

It is also vital to enable the kill switch feature while torrenting. The kill switch feature helps you to block internet connection whenever you are disconnected from your VPN so that you don’t accidentally send data over an unsecured connection.

To enable the kill switch, follow these steps : 

  • Open the options panels on the three grey lines located at the top left of your ExpressVPN Software.
  • Click on the general tab for local network section.
  • Click on the box which enables network lock to enable kill switch.
  • Never forget to change this setting before connecting to a server.

Finally, ExpressVPN remains the best solution for anonymous surfing, torrenting and P2P download. It has a lot of excellent features that enable a torrent user to hide his or her IP address while surfing the internet and replace it with that of a secure VPN server which you are connected to.

In addition, always ensure that your VPN is connected or use the ExpressVPN’s IP address checker function before opening your torrent client.

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